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Picture this!
February 10, 2009 at 12:54 pm

My Wells Fargo® Credit Card doesn't look like any other credit card in the world!

Want to know why? I used the newest Wells Fargo feature called the Wells Fargo Card Design StudioSM service to put a picture of my daughter on my credit card. Now, every time I take out my card to use it, it's an excuse to show the world my personalized card and brag about my daughter a little bit. I liked it so much I added a picture to my Wells Fargo Check Card as well.

What mom wouldn't want to show off this adorable picture?If you haven't checked it out, you should. Why shouldn't your Wells Fargo card be as unique as you? You can show your school spirit by adding a photo of you and your friends decked out for the big game. Or use the feature to remind yourself of something you miss from back home.

It's easy to upload a photo of you, your pet or your favorite sport — pretty much anything that interests you, but doesn't go against image guidelines. There's also an image library you can choose from if you don't have a personal image handy.

Best of all, it's a free service!

If you already have a Wells Fargo Credit Card or Check Card, sign on to Wells Fargo Online® Banking, click on the Account Services tab and select the "Access Card Design Studio" link to customize your card. If you don't already have a card, you can explore your options at wellsfargo.com. Or if you're just curious about the feature, view the demo Click here to learn about third-party website links to see how it works.

Some examples of customized cards.So, what would you use to personalize your card?


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